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Curriculum Resources

This section of the website will hold curriculum resources for all subjects. These resources will be interactive Flash and Java activities, web-based topic information, clipart and Smart Notebook activities for use with Smart Boards. You may use all of these resources freely in schools or for homework. The source and copyright of each resource is quoted where applicable.

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EduClick Resources

Early years:

Make faces with this interactive version of Mr Potato Head

Fish tank - make the fish follow your mouse!


Label this map of the British Isles

Explore the regions and counties of Britain with this interactive map

Atlantic Ocean jigsaw puzzle

Explore the world with this fantastic spinning globe

Water - see how water moves in this underwater scene



A Contrasting Locality Overseas - resources for Unit 22.

Homes Around The World

Improving the Environment - resources for Unit 8.

A Contrasting UK Locality - Llandudno - resources for Unit 13.

The Mountain Environment - resources for Unit 15

A Local Issue - suggested resources for KS2 Unit 20.


Visit our page of Numeracy resources


Explanatory texts - the Water Cycle (.xbk file for Smart Board created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter)

Explanatory texts - Airbags (.xbk file for Smart Board created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter)

Explanatory text - Pollination (Yr 5/6)( (.xbk file for Smart Board created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter)

Literacy/Storytelling (Year 5) - Little Red Riding Hood (.xbk file created by Sibford Gower Primary School)

Non-Chronological Texts (Yr 5/6) - (.xbk file for Smart Board created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter)

Front Page (Newspapers) (Yr 5/6) - (.xbk file for Smart Board created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter)

Comparing Report Writing Frame (Yr 5/6) - (.xbk file for Smart Board created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter)

Word Find - can you find the hidden months of the year?

Fridge Magnets - a fun way to spell words

Nouns modification based on 'Grammar for Writing' Unit 39 Y5 Term 2 (.xbk file by Mrs Cronin)

Mobile phones identifying features of discussion texts (Y5/6) (.xbk file by Mrs Cronin)

Guided Reading Resources


Routes - using a floor robot - resources for Unit 2D.

Simulations - resources for Unit 3D.

Questionnaires - resources for Unit 4D.

Databases - resources for Unit 6D.

Art & Design:

Chinese Paint Box - paint online with CLEO's Four Treasures

Choose an image and colour it in

Tangram art

Pokemon colour

Explosion generator - make your own 'fireworks', changing the colour, shape and size.

Make your own Mondrians - a different one every time.


Ourselves - resources for KS1 Unit 1A

Growing Plants - resources for Unit 1B

Pushes & Pulls - resources for KS1 Unit 1E

Grouping & Changing Materials - resources for KS1 Unit 2D

Forces & Movement - resources for KS1 Unit 2E

Rocks & Soils - resources for Science Unit 3D.

Solids & Liquids - resources for Science Unit 4D.

Electricity - resources for Unit 4F and 6G.

Forces in Action - resources for KS2 Unit 6E.

Interactive solar system

Dinosaur jigsaw puzzle - tyrannosaurus rex


Make your own music with the Music Maker

Play the drums and cymbals using your mouse or keyboard

Virtual Native American Flute - play this siotanka online using your keyboard keys.


Toys in the Past - resources for Unit 1.

Houses & Homes - resources for Unit 2.

What were Seaside Holidays like in the Past? - resources for Unit 3.

Why we remember Florence Nightingale - resources for Unit 4.

The Great Fire of London - resources for Unit 5.

Romans - resources for Unit 6A.

The Tudors - resources for Units 7, 8 and 19.

World War II - resources for Unit 9.

Eygpt - resources for Unit 10.

Victorians - resources for Unit 11.

Britain Since 1930 - resources for Unit 13.

Ancient Greece - resources for Units 14 and 15.

What are we remembering on Remembrance Day? - resources for Unit 17.

Religious Education:

St Paul - artists' impressions of St. Paul and maps of his journeys (Powerpoint file by Mrs Cronin)

Bible Stories - a selection of the most popular stories from the Bible

The Bible - click here then click 'Open' for a fully searchable copy of the King James Bible

Hindu Gods - colouring pages

Gujurat Hindu Temple - online resource including activities

Bhuddist Wheel of Life - interactive explanation of each aspect.

Draw the Bhudda's Face - learn how with an artist

Orthodox Christianity - interactive presentation

Key Words in the Chinese Religion - interactive activity


Primary School French Resources

Games & Puzzles:

Solve the 3D maze!

Connect Four - make 4 in a row before your opponent does

Nibbly - guide the worm around the maze so he can eat all the apples

Ping Pong - use your mouse to play against the computer

Rush Hour - a slider game that's harder than it looks

Warriner School Logo jigsaw puzzle

Virtual Bubble Wrap

Clip Art:

Christmas images

Victorian images

Space clipart

Oriental clipart

Minibeasts clipart

Maypole clipart

Roman clipart

Eygptian clipart

Ancient Greece clipart

Australia Clipart

World War II Clipart

Ourselves Clipart

France Clipart

The Great Fire of London Clipart

Houses & Homes

Mountains Clipart

Topic Resources:





Ancient Greece


Sound Clips

A variety of sound clips, as requested by staff.